Types of iPhone Cases and Their Usage


Cellphone cases and cover, both designed and being used with a basic purpose of providing protection to the mobile phones against damages, scratches, the environment, and the moisture.


There is a wide array of body covers and cases available these days which users may use. Some of them are used universally with all mobile phones while some are only designed for specific mobiles. Here we'll discuss the types of iPhone cases and covers and how they are being used.


In current days there are hundreds of Apple iPhone cases available in varying in prices, material and usage. Apple has launched 3 generations of iPhone tilled now including Simple iPhone, iPhone 3Gs, and iPhone 4G. With these 3 launches, Apple has also introduced many new, old, stylish, expensive and cheap iPhone cases and body covers. Yet these are also designed by some other companies and are being used these days.


Some of the types of iPhone and Apple iPad cases are discussed below having a difference in the material used:

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